life lately:: in July.

I realized I've yet to post anything for July! So here are all our July happenings.

^^Friends came over for the Fourth of July to celebrate in our homely backyard. It may not look very homely in these pictures but we worked our butts off to get it to look somewhat presentable. I'm talking weeds like you've NEVER seen before.

^^We tore out the carpet on the main floor of our house right after July 4th. Though all we're left with right now is subfloor, it's a lot better than stinky carpet. We're also in the midst of painting. I CHOSE WHITE PAINT. I feel like whenever I share that bit of information people are always judgey. I see it in their eyes. They're thinking,  "White? Really? Could you be any more boring?" I would just like to say that white is a great color for our living space. If you don't believe me... check out my pinterest board where you will find mostly white rooms. There.


^^I helped out with VBS at our church. It was a very special week spent with some great little preschoolers. All of our kids were so fun in one way or another. It's amazing how at such a young age they each have developed their own individual personalities. It was a good week for me as I taught a bible lesson for the first time.. to a whole class! This might not seem like a big deal to anyone but for me it was. Teaching a large group about something so important... I was just really worried that I would mess it up in some way. Thankful that God listened to all of my worried prayers and carried me through those two lessons I had to teach.


^^We went to an event at our local zoo call Blues and Brews at the Zoo. It was a lot of fun being able to walk around the zoo with no little kids running around. Although, we may have made up for it by acting like kids ourselves... :)

Now that you're all caught up, I'll try and keep this place up to date!