wedding photos

we got our wedding photos last week and it's been so fun looking through them. everyone tells you that your wedding day goes by so fast... and they're right. it really is just a blur. it's great having awesome photos to help you relive that day. here are a few favorites that The Mullers took for us.

prep walkk walk walk first sight hug party bridesmaids groomsmen married

at the end of the day we were married! 
and very much glad that the wedding was over.

p.s. - we love married life.
p.p. s. - can you spot my fabulous maid of honor in our first look photos? :)
i plan on getting her back at her wedding.


Lucy (1998-2013)

today i said goodbye to my closest friend of nearly 15 years. it was and is hard, but i have some peace knowing that she lived a long and full life. she was my constant companion and the reason that i'm set on always having a dog in my life (more specifically a flat-nosed dog). even though the Bible doesn't talk about animals being in heaven, i have to believe that there is some place special for His creatures. 

love you, sweet girl.
have fun chasin' more squirrels than you could have ever dreamed of.

a video!

charlie has been running obstacles in our living room. 
we've been getting a kick out of it and we think you will too. 
have a great weekend!

new tradition: haircuts in the kitchen.

a thing that thrills me? when my post title rhymes AND i can make a haiku out of it.

a new tradition
lil haircuts in the kitchen
a new 'do for you.

i watched a few videos on youtube and am now a skilled barber. {youtube is amazing, isn't it?}
after my lengthy education of, oh, about 12 minutes, i embarked on giving my first haircut in my salon located in, you guessed it, the kitchen. i think my first client was a little worried at first but he got shorter hair like he wanted. it may have helped that his hair is wavy and you can't really tell if there's a chunk missing from it... next time i'm going for something a little more daring.

if you're wondering about the dishwashing glove, my hand started hurting from holding the scissors. 
also, that picture isn't technically the final product; there was about 30 minutes of haircutting afterward. 


charlie visits the dog park.

this past saturday the weather here was so nice that we were able to take charlie to the dog park for the first time! i think every other dog owner in lincoln was there too. not to brag but i'm pretty sure charlie was the star of the dog park that day. 

with that being said...

i love my puppy.
i love my puppy because now i have an excuse to go to the dog park and see massively huge bulldogs named buddy who i just want to cuddle with! also, i just love my puppy. 
charlie has been a blast so far. full of attitude and lots of sass.
it's like we picked a teenager... except maybe less stressful?

{fun fact: when charlie runs, her back right leg flies up into the air uncontrollably. pictures to come.}