one man's junk is another man's treasure

FINALLY! here is part one of my garage/estate sale post. this will be the garage sale segment. i don't know if that makes a difference to you or not, but maybe it'll make sense when both parts are finished.

i never knew the joys of garage sale-ing until this summer and boy, have i been missing out. actually, i don't think i would have cared that much if i would have gone in high school or early years of college. i was too busy caring about other things, like not being a complete nerd and lacking a social life. i've almost mastered it. anyhow, you've heard that idiom "one man's junk is another man's treasure" and i think this post will prove it to be true. that dresser, i got it for just $7. sure, it needs some work but $7! is aesthetically pleasing to me, especially since i know that i will clean it up just right. it's sad that this dresser's previous owner felt that the best price tag for it was $7. but for $7, i fell in love and bought it.

currently i'm obsessing over glass products. vintage glass products in particular. old mason jars, unique colored vases, milk bottles are all things that i have my eyes peeled for as i'm perusing through people's "junk". there's only one thing in those pictures that i didn't get from a garage sale and that would be the milk pints. they were so cute that i couldn't not get them... from an antique mall. especially since before i had seen these i was on shop sweet lulu and saw these milk bottles!

and even though i got mine from an antique mall, they happened to be far cheaper than buying them online. i get 24 for $36. my friends need to have babies so i can throw them a baby shower. or at least get married. please?

garage sales = my weekend.
maybe i'll run into you at one. i did see the high school librarian who still knows my that embarrassing or should i be proud?

probably won't see you at garage sales this weekend though because jake and i are going to colorado! i get to see my second cousin claire who is eight months pregnant and her cute one year old baby. couldn't be more excited. hope you all have a great weekend!


in getting a google+ account, some of my pictures on the blog have been tampered with. you'll notice some blank spots around the blog. sorry bout that. i might go back and fix it all...but chances are i won't. we'll see. you're still waiting for my garage/estate sale post. it's coming. i promise. just thought i'd let you know what was happenin' on the blog. here are some fun things to look at while you're here though.

image 1:: goshandgolly on etsy
image 3:: designlovefest

*update* :: i did end up fixing those pictures. :) no more blank spaces!

what makes me love you despite the reservations?

i'm not sure if you all remember but for my birthday jake bought us tickets to see fleet foxes in kansas city. so monday night we took the trek to kc, yet again, to see them. (traveling back and forth between kc and lincoln is getting kinda old...but it always seems to be worth it) the concert was in the uptown theatre which is an amazing venue but there seemed to be no air conditioning; even though my ears and mind were in complete heaven, my body was almost miserable. the place was packed making it hard to find seats, especially since we were late. but despite being shoved in a corner and uncomfortably hot 'n sweaty, it was an excellent concert. they're an incredible band and i would love to see them again. (i swoon when they start singing a cappella, those harmonies are delicious) next band on my wish list are the avett brothers. if you haven't listened to them, here's your chance. happy listening!

The Avett Brothers - Will You Return

catching up

i haven't posted on here for what seems like forever! i've been keeping busy doing all sorts of things.

i spent thursday, friday, AND saturday going to garage/estate sales and antique shops, something that i haven't really done before, and walked away with some treasures. i'll post pictures of them this coming week. 

thursday, a group of friends headed out to pinewood bowl to watch The Wizard of Oz. it was a good show, it wasn't my favorite that i've seen out there, but still ok. you have to respect the cast, the crew, and the pit for putting all their time into that production without any pay. that's a lot to give. i've been asked to do pinewood bowl the past few years but i can't sacrifice all that time. plus, with the heat, i think my violin would just fall apart and i wouldn't be too happy about that.

boys showing off their assets.
the majority of saturday was spent with jake and our friends brendan and sara at this huge estate sale in flint ridge. i really mean huge. this townhouse we went into was somewhere around 3,000 square feet (or more) and the basement had a dry sauna, which i've never seen in a house before. pretty sure there were 5 different bathrooms. this house was massive. i'll have to tell you all more about these estate sales later, they're taken pretty seriously by the regulars. after that we also managed to hit up UNL's surplus auction. there was nothing there that i would have liked to have bid on, but it was interesting to see what one of those was like. saturday ended with a breakfast dinner: raspberry crepes (recipe from Young Married Chic) and nutella + banana crepes. i think the general consensus was that the nutella + banana crepes were better. i should have added more sugar to the raspberry crepes to balance the tartness. 

my food presentation isn't the best. but that's why i don't primarily blog about cooking.

i have a few more blog posts to sum up everything that has happened so far. hopefully those will get done soon. hope your weekend was just as exciting as mine. if not, you should do something about it.

two peas in a pod

freshmen in high school at a debate meet
typical reaction we got from onlookers
hanging out in the library after school
our hang out spot

we played some tennis
don't let the "#1" fool you...we weren't that good.

we graduated from high school together
studied in college...kind of
took risks
benefitted from taking risks
it's fun to look back and see how much has changed. i've changed so much that i think people who knew me five or six years ago would be surprised to have a conversation with me now. i was such a loud mouth and had a crazy amount of attitude. now i'm a little less brash and like to think before i speak, though there might still be a little attitude. one thing hasn't changed though. i still have my best friend. 

i was going through a bunch of pictures today and it's funny to see how we've changed together over the years. starting as kids who have slowly matured into the adults we are today. we've done everything together. middle school, high school, college. violin, debate, tennis. we've been through everything together; boyfriends, break-ups, successes, failures. we have been so close that people often think something is wrong if we're not together [we're two peas in a pod]. i am incredibly blessed by this friendship. i can't imagine what it would have been like not having such a great friend by my side all these years. the greatest thing about it is that i know it's a friendship that will continue to grow until we're old ladies who still need to talk on the phone everyday about the most mundane things. i love it. i guess the next big step will be graduating from college. only a year left, i can't believe it. i'm looking forward to the years to come.

our most up to date picture
doing what we love
[i'm currently getting ready to go to kc for a little weekend trip with friends! so excited. :)]

nebraska adventures

first off, i hope everyone had a great fourth of july weekend! my fourth of july weekend was filled with activities; the most memorable one i'll share with you!

i never thought i would have the opportunity to say that i went to a tractor pull. honestly, i'm kind of ashamed that i can say that. i didn't know what i was getting myself into when i agreed to go because i had never heard of such a thing before. so for FOUR HOURS of my life i sat watching tractors pulling weights  to see how far they could go. FOUR HOURS of my life that i will never get back. but hey, at least i can say i've been to a tractor pull, right? 

pictures 1 & 2 :: the tractor that leveled the dirt for the tractors
pictures 3 & 4 :: farmer's foreplay tractor (see all that smoke?)
picture 5 :: britt and i in our boredom with our windblown hair