this ultrasound was taken at 12 weeks - our first look at baby.
i was just going to post a simple picture on instagram and then a few words lead to a lengthy paragraph (or two). apparently i had more to say than what that platform had to offer! so here i am back at the blog. this poor space i left unattended for far too long. 

well here's what's going on. 

yes, we're expecting and completely overjoyed. (i don't think people always see it... but i'll get to that.) our little bundle should arrive december 7th if all goes according to plan. 

next week we get to see our little one again. it will have been a month and half since we last peeked in on baby... and this time we get to find out if we'll be meeting a boy or girl in december. we have no real preference but our family seems to be cheering for a little girl. :)

since going public with our pregnancy, i've found that people really like to know how i'm doing. usually i say, "oh, i'm doing good!" because who really wants to hear that half the time i'm trying not to dry heave and the other half i feel like my ribs are being smushed. then that question is followed up with, "are you excited?" which, yes i am but isn't that a strange question to ask? that one catches me off guard because between the nausea and smushed ribs, it's really hard to be visibly excited and sell it. 

i am though! we are! 

despite not feeling great, i've come to terms with the nausea because it reminds me that there is a little one in there growing. especially when appointments are spaced so. far. apart. i am beyond thankful that i get to experience this amazing thing of growing a human. 

we've been blessed that baby seems to be doing fine as of now. prayers for baby to continue to be healthy would be greatly appreciated. 

we'll see you next week little one!