feeling wicked

jake had his first violin lesson this weekend!
his bow hold may need a little work...

on sunday we went to omaha to see Wicked, which we fell in love with. i don't know what i was expecting, but i'm pretty sure the show surpassed those expectations. the actors and actresses were amazing, as were the costumes and the set. not only that, but the orpheum theatre was absolutely gorgeous. i can't believe i had never been there before! we've already decided that we need to go to another show there, it was a great time. 

(i'm not a big fan of those sunglasses.)

outside the wonderful orpheum!

we snuck a picture.

i'm small.

as i've submerged myself in the blog world, i've found myself to be highly obsessed with the fashion blogs. all i can think about are the maxi skirts, bold colors (and the neutrals), trench coats, button-up shirts, and the perfect shoes and bag to compliment the outfit. as i peruse the online stores and fashion blogs,  i'm met with an obstacle. ready?


five feet one inch. that's my height. not only do i constantly find my height to be an obstacle, but my shoe size too. size 5. i think the shoe size is a bigger set back than my height, actually. i can get things hemmed to fit me but i don't know where to go to make shoes smaller (often the smallest shoe size offered is 6). so here are some of my dream items, if only i was 4 inches taller and my feet were 2 inches longer.

skirt from asos

another asos item


from zara

from modcloth

another one from zara

trench from zara
i maybe could fit into this...maybe.

obviously i'm hard core crushing on zara. everything there is clean and i love that. anyway, that's my rant about being short and small. hope you're week is off to a great start!

delightful trip down south

my birthday was last wednesday and it was one of my favorite ones. i celebrated on tuesday by purchasing a macbook pro. i'm completely in love with it and have slowly been figuring out its little secrets.

jake also took me out to celebrate my birthday on tuesday. unfortunately i didn't get any pictures of our picnic scene. a picnic that i was less than prepared for by wearing the most absurd outfit for the outdoors (the one above, actually). it was a surprise though, so how was i supposed to know? when we laid down our blanket to begin our picnic, there was this random stalk of asparagus sticking up out of the ground. it was pretty fascinating, i didn't know asparagus grew in the wild? besides the picnic, jake bought us tickets to see fleet foxes in kansas city. i'm so excited! especially since they just released their second cd, which you should probably check out.

for my actual birthday jake, my parents, and i went down south. it has been a while since we've visited my dad's parents in hunstville, alabama so we took the opportunity to do so. my grandpa has been through a lot as of late as he was recently diagnosed with lymphoma cancer, one type of blood cancer. we had heard how rough his condition was but we didn't realize it until we saw him. my grandpa has always had medical problems but cancer might have to take the cake for being the worst. he is an amazing man who, despite all of his physical ailments, never fails to trust in the Lord and give Him glory.

all in all it was a successful trip. great time with the family and my man, who might as well be family. pictures below!

stopped in st. louis for some ribs! yum!

birthday cake my grandparents got for me. it was interesting trying to cut it...
pretty sure my dad used an electric knife (typically used for turkeys)

had to stop at the unclaimed baggage center!
this place is amazing. i wish i had more time to comb through everything.
i did manage to get an incase laptop cover for only $6, usually they're $40 or up.

we ate at wintzell's.
my grandmother is not that adventurous...but she ate two raw oysters for the first time in her life. my dad was proud.

jake had fun testing out the panorama feature on my camera.
i was not so thrilled to have my picture taken.

thanks for reading! :)

getting started

i'm new to this whole blogging thing.

i was hesitant to even start; thinking i had nothing profound to share with the rest of the world. then i realized how silly that was because i have read plenty of blogs that were just ordinary and offered nothing profound. i resolved that since anyone can do it, why can't i? so here i am.

i'm not going to make promises of what i can offer to fellow bloggers or even the people of the world wide web. i just offer myself and my experiences with no hold backs. this is one of those "easier said than done" moments. being judged as "plain" is something that i've always feared but i guess when it comes down to it that's what i am. i'm pretty plain. i have moments (bursts) of creativity that leave so quickly it's as if they never came at all. but yes, i am a plain jane and this whole blogging thing will, no doubt, make it painstakingly obvious. oh well, i'll cope.

with that, i'll give you the gist of hannah

i'm currently finishing up my undergrad degree at UNL for violin performance. it has been an awesome experience. a few months ago i received a job/internship at a local string studio, which is the next stage for me. i'm so excited about this opportunity and the amazing staff that i get to work with.

i love being outdoors. unfortunately, living in nebraska doesn't give you that much of an opportunity to do all the fun outdoor activities. i try and make do though.

hands on

as i make strides to be less plain, i will sometimes attempt to do little projects here and there. sometimes they're ridiculous and sometimes they're done out of complete necessity; like changing a tire in the middle of downtown.

i love the people in my life and i would do anything for them. this is my closest friend, dubbed best friend, meredith after her solo performance with UNL's Symphony Orchestra. She did a fabulous job playing Wieniawski.

this is my man.
i am so blessed to have him in my life. he's such an encouragement to me and helps me be a little more than just a plain jane.

He is the most important part of who i am. He is my life purpose and everything i do is in order to give Him the glory that He deserves. this is a hard task, seeing as how i’m a sinner, saved only by His amazing and endless grace through faith.
Eph. 2:8-9