float on | niobrara

i got to fulfill one of my 23 before 24 goals! hurray! 
jake, a few friends, and i were able to head down the niobrara river in the middle of july.
it was a long drive to get to valentine, nebraska. fortunately, we had enough episodes of the vampire diaries to get us there. coming back we weren't so lucky. 
it was definitely an experience. a six hour long experience!
by the end we were already planning our trip for next year.

// our neighbors for the weekend.

// the niobrara
// the men pulling us back on to the river after a lunch break

// just floating along.

// soaking up sun

// the sky started changing by the end of our trip. we barely missed the storm.

//the end of our trip we were met with knee-high mud!

we enjoyed every bit of the niobrara. 
what experience have you had that needs to be experienced more than once?
because for me, this was one of them. 


A slideshow from our wedding day.

Jake made this little slideshow for our wedding. Some might call it destiny or fate, but it still amazes me to see God's hand in our lives leading us to each other in His perfect timing.

It seems that Jake chose to put more embarrassing photos of me than himself in this slideshow... I might need to create my own as a rebuttal. ;)