getting started

i'm new to this whole blogging thing.

i was hesitant to even start; thinking i had nothing profound to share with the rest of the world. then i realized how silly that was because i have read plenty of blogs that were just ordinary and offered nothing profound. i resolved that since anyone can do it, why can't i? so here i am.

i'm not going to make promises of what i can offer to fellow bloggers or even the people of the world wide web. i just offer myself and my experiences with no hold backs. this is one of those "easier said than done" moments. being judged as "plain" is something that i've always feared but i guess when it comes down to it that's what i am. i'm pretty plain. i have moments (bursts) of creativity that leave so quickly it's as if they never came at all. but yes, i am a plain jane and this whole blogging thing will, no doubt, make it painstakingly obvious. oh well, i'll cope.

with that, i'll give you the gist of hannah

i'm currently finishing up my undergrad degree at UNL for violin performance. it has been an awesome experience. a few months ago i received a job/internship at a local string studio, which is the next stage for me. i'm so excited about this opportunity and the amazing staff that i get to work with.

i love being outdoors. unfortunately, living in nebraska doesn't give you that much of an opportunity to do all the fun outdoor activities. i try and make do though.

hands on

as i make strides to be less plain, i will sometimes attempt to do little projects here and there. sometimes they're ridiculous and sometimes they're done out of complete necessity; like changing a tire in the middle of downtown.

i love the people in my life and i would do anything for them. this is my closest friend, dubbed best friend, meredith after her solo performance with UNL's Symphony Orchestra. She did a fabulous job playing Wieniawski.

this is my man.
i am so blessed to have him in my life. he's such an encouragement to me and helps me be a little more than just a plain jane.

He is the most important part of who i am. He is my life purpose and everything i do is in order to give Him the glory that He deserves. this is a hard task, seeing as how i’m a sinner, saved only by His amazing and endless grace through faith.
Eph. 2:8-9

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  1. welcome to blogging! :)


  2. thank you so much! :)


  3. So... are you going to blog about your 21st? I got pictures if you need some. :P

  4. Your blog looks awesome!!!