i'm small.

as i've submerged myself in the blog world, i've found myself to be highly obsessed with the fashion blogs. all i can think about are the maxi skirts, bold colors (and the neutrals), trench coats, button-up shirts, and the perfect shoes and bag to compliment the outfit. as i peruse the online stores and fashion blogs,  i'm met with an obstacle. ready?


five feet one inch. that's my height. not only do i constantly find my height to be an obstacle, but my shoe size too. size 5. i think the shoe size is a bigger set back than my height, actually. i can get things hemmed to fit me but i don't know where to go to make shoes smaller (often the smallest shoe size offered is 6). so here are some of my dream items, if only i was 4 inches taller and my feet were 2 inches longer.

skirt from asos

another asos item


from zara

from modcloth

another one from zara

trench from zara
i maybe could fit into this...maybe.

obviously i'm hard core crushing on zara. everything there is clean and i love that. anyway, that's my rant about being short and small. hope you're week is off to a great start!

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