the end of a long but amazing week

the end of prairie hill has come and i'm already excited for next year! this year has definitely been the craziest, at least for me. there were so many kids and too many things going on. the week started off in the 100's and ended rainy and in the 60's, forcing the annual outdoor recital indoors squeezing 40 some kids and their parents and grandparents AND siblings into the community house. (the community house really isn't that big!) amazingly everyone was able to fit and the recital ended successfully. :)

i'm not gonna hide it, i have a soft spot for the little four years olds with their sixteenth size violins. they're so darn cute. you shouldn't be fooled by their cuteness though because as it turns out, they're quite rambunctious. charlie and ali especially managed to get in a lot of trouble, clogging the toiled with bunches of paper towels, soap containers, and the most exciting of all, broccoli. stalks of broccoli thrown into the toilet. don't let the cute little faces fool you!

these two are trouble makers; the toilet culprits. yet they are so sweet. 

not only was prairie hill on the table this week, but my regular scheduled students! a week packed full of teaching violin. it was pretty busy but really great! jake and i did a little project that i'll have to post pictures of later. hope you had a great week as well!

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