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during the school year, i can be found at one of three places. westbrook music building, somewhere with jake, or at my friend meredith and april's house. april is back in south dakota for the summer so i thought i'd post some pictures for her to see the exciting changes going on at her "new" place.

as you approach the house you're welcomed in by this wonderful door, painted "magical oasis"!
it's not quite completed yet, but you get the idea. 

new artwork inside

meredith and the garden behind the house!
apparently the neighbor is taking up more garden than she should.
there's going to be a brawl.

little plants are sprouting up!
i didn't get any pictures of the newly started compost pile, but there is a compost pile!

while i was there we took time to make a quick light dinner and enjoy some crafting time. we did our own variation of these party garlands from purlbee. it was definitely tricky without the sewing machine...time consuming and exhausting. 

i think they turned out pretty well! we ended up putting more space between the shapes because to put less space would have meant more work and more time...yeah, we're a little lazy. cut us some slack though...it was past 11 pm when we finished!

[the face of exhaustion]

i love this article! it's exactly what any short girl needs to know. and who knew that lady gaga was only 5'1"? even though i'm not a huge fan, i have to give her some credit for being wildly popular yet tiny like me, we're the same size!

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  1. So much craftin! :) I had a blast despite the difficulties we had with the "invisible" thread (who would invent such a thing anyway?)