one man's junk is another man's treasure

FINALLY! here is part one of my garage/estate sale post. this will be the garage sale segment. i don't know if that makes a difference to you or not, but maybe it'll make sense when both parts are finished.

i never knew the joys of garage sale-ing until this summer and boy, have i been missing out. actually, i don't think i would have cared that much if i would have gone in high school or early years of college. i was too busy caring about other things, like not being a complete nerd and lacking a social life. i've almost mastered it. anyhow, you've heard that idiom "one man's junk is another man's treasure" and i think this post will prove it to be true. that dresser, i got it for just $7. sure, it needs some work but $7! is aesthetically pleasing to me, especially since i know that i will clean it up just right. it's sad that this dresser's previous owner felt that the best price tag for it was $7. but for $7, i fell in love and bought it.

currently i'm obsessing over glass products. vintage glass products in particular. old mason jars, unique colored vases, milk bottles are all things that i have my eyes peeled for as i'm perusing through people's "junk". there's only one thing in those pictures that i didn't get from a garage sale and that would be the milk pints. they were so cute that i couldn't not get them... from an antique mall. especially since before i had seen these i was on shop sweet lulu and saw these milk bottles!

and even though i got mine from an antique mall, they happened to be far cheaper than buying them online. i get 24 for $36. my friends need to have babies so i can throw them a baby shower. or at least get married. please?

garage sales = my weekend.
maybe i'll run into you at one. i did see the high school librarian who still knows my that embarrassing or should i be proud?

probably won't see you at garage sales this weekend though because jake and i are going to colorado! i get to see my second cousin claire who is eight months pregnant and her cute one year old baby. couldn't be more excited. hope you all have a great weekend!

6 little notes:

  1. I'm not having any babies anytime soon. Sorry.

  2. c'mon bekah. i know you want to. ;)

  3. $7 dresser?! bananas! yes, yard sale-ing is definitely a great way to spend some time :)

  4. I love this post! G-sales can be so therapeutic, don't you think?