on the shelf.

just a few things.
  1. i've been lacking some serious motivation lately. mainly in school ... and practicing. which is awful. i think it's a mix between the absence of inspiration and losing sight of the finish line. i just want school to be DONE. i'm tired of the tests and the assignments. i'm ready for new things.
  2. i've been buying a lot of things for my home ... that i don't have yet. is this a sign? like maybe it's time to move out of the parents house or something. but really... i bought some cute stuff. stuff i could not pass up. no matter how temporarily stinky it may be.
  3. i love thrifting. now more than ever.
  4. summer plans are coming up quickly! let's just skip spring break and get right to summer. so excited to be going to greenwood music camp in massachusetts to babysit some chiara bebes in exchange for some quality time with julie yoon. who is going to kick my butt in ways that it hasn't been kicked before. i need inspiration? there it is. 
here's the stinky couch that i could not live without.  
it's currently residing in jake's room.

1 little notes:

  1. Mr. Taylor and his LadyMarch 21, 2012 at 4:29 PM

    aw, music summer camp sounds like so much fun!
    and i want to see all these cute things that you bought for your future home ;)
    xo TJ