photo diary.

{the past few days in photos from the iphone. }
i've been busy house sitting for my friends who went out of town. not just house sitting but pet sitting.
they have three cats. luka, an orange cat; norah, a black cat; and kitty, a wild cat.
and a crazy dog named obi.
having four pets is quite a handful but i can understand why you would want all those animals.
there is never a shortage on cuddles. never.

i managed to leave my phone when there were wonderful photo opps like
\\ walks through wilderness park.
\\ driving rc cars through downtown.
\\ backyard lunches with jake and my parents.
\\ taco parties
\\ etc.
way to go me.

how was your memorial day weekend?


2 little notes:

  1. That's a lot of animals, but I'm sure they were all soft and cuddly for you.

  2. they were very soft and very cuddly! never considered myself a cat person until i got cuddles from the orange cat. :)