my newest family member

help me welcome my newest family member!
my baby canon rebel t3.
i've yet to find her a more fitting name as the adoption papers were filed just a few hours ago.
jake and i found baby through craigslist.
we assume her former family could no longer afford to keep her seeing as how we picked her up from a pawn shop on loan and lowered the original price down by $150.
a steal to get her and two lenses for the price that we did.
she currently wreaks of cheap cologne and cigarettes... but i'm hoping to whip her back into shape.
maybe with a little love she'll smell like champagne and chocolate instead?
baby and i (and meredith, too) will be hitting up new york in just 10 short days.
{post about that to come.}
in the mean time, she and i will be snuggling up learning about all things dslr together.
any tips are welcome!

hannah (and baby)

6 little notes:

  1. NO WAY! Soooo my old Rebel XTi recently fell off of a mountain (thousand feet. straight down.) and I have been shopping like crazy for a new camera as there is just such an emptiness in my heart and life without a good SLR... That is such an awesome camera, you're gonna love it!

  2. She's beautiful! You must be a proud mama! :)

    1. very proud! ;) we'll have a fun time with her in NY.

  3. oh no!!! that is a tragic story! i'm really excited about this camera though. i've been wanting one forever and it looks like fate was on my side. ;)


    p.s. - i love it when you comment. i wish there was a way for me to keep track of you!

  4. welcome new little one. you have such a lovely mother, and will be so happy!!!!!! ;)
    xo TJ

  5. :) thanks tj!! hope the moving is going well!