under the sea

fish in hanauma bay snorkeling in hanauma bay sea turtle swimming in hanauma bay

while we were in hawaii we went to hanauma bay for some of the best snorkeling around oahu. there were so many beautiful brightly colored fish, it was amazing. not to mention the two sea turtles we saw. i even got to swim along side one of them! we used those underwater cameras to take the pictures, but many of the photos didn't come out as clear as we expected. nonetheless, we're still pretty happy to have them as memories of our snorkeling trip. the snorkeling trip where we came out looking like we had gone to battle after getting stuck in the reef. it wasn't so funny to me at the time....but looking back it's pretty hilarious. jake and i swam all the way out and somehow failed to notice that no other snorkelers were out that far. it should have been a clue. we now have 363 days to return without having to watch that silly 9 minute introductory video. i think we'll make it back in time. 

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