happy weekend!

happy weekend, everyone!
i'm going to use this post to catch everyone up to speed on what's been going on lately.
are you even ready for this?
probably not.

we got our engagement pictures taken before christmas and finally got to see more of them this past week! if you'd like a closer look,  go check out The Mullers. engagement picture

it was jake's birthday on monday. since i'm going back to school and he's putting in more hours at work, it's gotten a little hectic. for his birthday i wanted to do something extra special with just the two of us so i created a little oasis in the back of my car, bought some delicious cupcakes, and drove jake outside of city limits where you can see all the stars.

before car
after car
birthday boy
^^umm... just ignore the turquoise duck tape. my other clear tape just did not stick. (it was kind of a fail moment). anyway, happy birthday handsome man! :)

also, this week has been ALL about addressing our stinkin' wedding invite envelopes. it's a lot of work. work i did not realize i had to do until i was doing it.

jake and i ordered these little jars (and i mean little) as wedding favors for all of our guests. we've yet to figure out what to fill them with. any suggestions?


that's it for now. let's catch up again soon!

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