wedding photos

we got our wedding photos last week and it's been so fun looking through them. everyone tells you that your wedding day goes by so fast... and they're right. it really is just a blur. it's great having awesome photos to help you relive that day. here are a few favorites that The Mullers took for us.

prep walkk walk walk first sight hug party bridesmaids groomsmen married

at the end of the day we were married! 
and very much glad that the wedding was over.

p.s. - we love married life.
p.p. s. - can you spot my fabulous maid of honor in our first look photos? :)
i plan on getting her back at her wedding.


7 little notes:

  1. You are an adorable bride! I love the muted color palette of the bridesmaids dresses too. xo

  2. Looks like a completely magical day.

  3. these are stunning!! you look so beautiful :)

    haha and so funny seeing your maid of honour in the background! x

  4. Love your wedding photos! You guys make a lovely little couple and your big day looks like it was beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

  5. YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!! Love these photos :)

  6. Oh my these photos are so gorgeous! X