2013: The Highlights

Here's my obligatory New Year's post for 2013. I may have stopped blogging for a bit but life still goes on. I'm excited to ring in the New Year and at the same time sad to see 2013 go. It was a good one. Like one of the best years of my life. I don't know how much merit that has considering there have only been 23 years of my life...but that's kinda saying that 22 other years didn't measure up, which is something, right? (I'm writing this late at night...so the run-on sentences and ramblings are about to come out full force.)

>>  In February we purchased a home.

>> Then we got married in March and I finally moved in to that home. 

>> Three days later we added a family member.. Charlie. 

>> I graduated from college in May (and got my diploma via USPS.. I'm too cool to walk across a stage.)

>> Planted a garden. (This really is a big deal.)

>> Overhauled our living room. New walls and new floors. This is the before.

>> Played for Michael Bublé on the opening concert of our local arena. (Yep, that's Michael and that's me talking to him. My 5 minutes of fame. It was glorious and embarrassing all at once.)

>> I also took a job in Omaha teaching preschoolers violin. (No picture for that, really, but it's the main reason posts have been so infrequent! My apologies.)

So you see what I mean? 2014 has some big shoes to fill.
I hope you all have had as great of a 2013 as I!
From me to you, Happy New Year! 


1 little notes:

  1. What?! How fun about Michael Buble! I would say this was definitely a good year for you!!!

    xo TJ