give me some [over priced] peanuts & cracker jacks!

friday proved to be a great day for baseball. jake, my parents, and i traveled the very long 4.5 hour detour to kansas city. my dad is a die-hard cubs fan and they rarely travel this far west for him to see them. [i prefer the yankees myself, probably because they're team is so darn good-looking.] before the game we enjoyed some okie joe's, the best barbecue, and some shopping on the plaza. when you travel outside of nebraska, it becomes that much more apparent how much you're missing out on in this isolated state. i managed to walk away with some new mac products [paint pot and fluidline, which i've been dying to get] as well as some things from a j.crew sale for an incredible deal. i love sales! i only got pictures from the ball park, i need to remember to pull my camera out more often!

panoramic shot
in front of the field!
(humidity does not do good things to my hair, so much for styling it.)
cubbies warming up...or just standing there
the game's about to start...
fukudome getting ready to bat
the final score... go cubs.
&& it was friday fireworks! what a good way to end a good game...for cubs fans.
even though the game was good, both teams made pretty ridiculous mistakes that you wouldn't expect to see in the major leagues; like completely failing to catch a ball only inches away from you. the last few innings were the most exciting, especially as the royals came so close to making a comeback. 

as much as i enjoyed the game, there was pretty interesting things happening in the row(s) in front of us. a couple from iowa who indulged in way too much of the concession stand offerings [nachos, hot dog, numerous beers, ice cream, and more]. please keep in mind that each of these items costs at least six dollars and were mostly consumed by the wife. a row full of mid twenties males who were way into their royals home team, one of which had extremely long, curly brown hair with way too much mousse in it. then there was another middle-aged couple a row down who were getting pretty intoxicated and as a result, way too affectionate for a ball game; i was afraid i was going to see something that i really didn't want to. it was an amazing night and we made the same long 4.5 hour journey home as we did getting there. 

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