after a night of karaoke

it's good to remember the songs we sang and the ones we did particularly well!

[my favorite song from her first album, a bob dylan cover]
i sang this one. just click on the link and it's yours.

ugly kid joe - everything about you
nissa's song. 

the platters - only you (WITH LYRICS!)
manuel's song

alicia keys - if i ain't got you
tim's song.
tim singing soprano was interesting, but in a good way.

the last time i had done karaoke was in korea nearly 6 years ago. it was definitely time to do it again and i think i'm gonna be heading back! singing karaoke in a bar was way different than singing in korea though. in korea you get your own private room with all of your friends so you don't have to sing in front of all these people you don't know but either way, it's a fun way to let your hair down and have fun. if you've never done karaoke, you must give it a try. i was skeptical at first, as i normally am, thinking that everyone was going to judge me and my amazing terrible voice. maybe they did, but i didn't know so it doesn't matter! really, give it a try. 


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