two peas in a pod

freshmen in high school at a debate meet
typical reaction we got from onlookers
hanging out in the library after school
our hang out spot

we played some tennis
don't let the "#1" fool you...we weren't that good.

we graduated from high school together
studied in college...kind of
took risks
benefitted from taking risks
it's fun to look back and see how much has changed. i've changed so much that i think people who knew me five or six years ago would be surprised to have a conversation with me now. i was such a loud mouth and had a crazy amount of attitude. now i'm a little less brash and like to think before i speak, though there might still be a little attitude. one thing hasn't changed though. i still have my best friend. 

i was going through a bunch of pictures today and it's funny to see how we've changed together over the years. starting as kids who have slowly matured into the adults we are today. we've done everything together. middle school, high school, college. violin, debate, tennis. we've been through everything together; boyfriends, break-ups, successes, failures. we have been so close that people often think something is wrong if we're not together [we're two peas in a pod]. i am incredibly blessed by this friendship. i can't imagine what it would have been like not having such a great friend by my side all these years. the greatest thing about it is that i know it's a friendship that will continue to grow until we're old ladies who still need to talk on the phone everyday about the most mundane things. i love it. i guess the next big step will be graduating from college. only a year left, i can't believe it. i'm looking forward to the years to come.

our most up to date picture
doing what we love
[i'm currently getting ready to go to kc for a little weekend trip with friends! so excited. :)]

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