catching up

i haven't posted on here for what seems like forever! i've been keeping busy doing all sorts of things.

i spent thursday, friday, AND saturday going to garage/estate sales and antique shops, something that i haven't really done before, and walked away with some treasures. i'll post pictures of them this coming week. 

thursday, a group of friends headed out to pinewood bowl to watch The Wizard of Oz. it was a good show, it wasn't my favorite that i've seen out there, but still ok. you have to respect the cast, the crew, and the pit for putting all their time into that production without any pay. that's a lot to give. i've been asked to do pinewood bowl the past few years but i can't sacrifice all that time. plus, with the heat, i think my violin would just fall apart and i wouldn't be too happy about that.

boys showing off their assets.
the majority of saturday was spent with jake and our friends brendan and sara at this huge estate sale in flint ridge. i really mean huge. this townhouse we went into was somewhere around 3,000 square feet (or more) and the basement had a dry sauna, which i've never seen in a house before. pretty sure there were 5 different bathrooms. this house was massive. i'll have to tell you all more about these estate sales later, they're taken pretty seriously by the regulars. after that we also managed to hit up UNL's surplus auction. there was nothing there that i would have liked to have bid on, but it was interesting to see what one of those was like. saturday ended with a breakfast dinner: raspberry crepes (recipe from Young Married Chic) and nutella + banana crepes. i think the general consensus was that the nutella + banana crepes were better. i should have added more sugar to the raspberry crepes to balance the tartness. 

my food presentation isn't the best. but that's why i don't primarily blog about cooking.

i have a few more blog posts to sum up everything that has happened so far. hopefully those will get done soon. hope your weekend was just as exciting as mine. if not, you should do something about it.

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