what makes me love you despite the reservations?

i'm not sure if you all remember but for my birthday jake bought us tickets to see fleet foxes in kansas city. so monday night we took the trek to kc, yet again, to see them. (traveling back and forth between kc and lincoln is getting kinda old...but it always seems to be worth it) the concert was in the uptown theatre which is an amazing venue but there seemed to be no air conditioning; even though my ears and mind were in complete heaven, my body was almost miserable. the place was packed making it hard to find seats, especially since we were late. but despite being shoved in a corner and uncomfortably hot 'n sweaty, it was an excellent concert. they're an incredible band and i would love to see them again. (i swoon when they start singing a cappella, those harmonies are delicious) next band on my wish list are the avett brothers. if you haven't listened to them, here's your chance. happy listening!

The Avett Brothers - Will You Return

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