busy bee

picture 1:: after our final wedding on saturday. it was a gorgeous wedding. much like the ones you'd see on style me pretty. i kid you not.
picture 2:: getting ready for the first recital of the day.
picture 3:: sitting in the front row with my students. (only three of them aren't mine)

this weekend was packed with all kinds of performing fun.
//saturday was filled with weddings with my partners in crime, meredith and tim.
the festivities started around 8:30 am and ended around 7:30 pm.
some in between time was used for dress rehearsals for sunday's events.
after the wedding marathon was over i went to celebrate with jake's family as his grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. it was pretty cute.
//sunday was nissa's string studio's summer recital -- from 12:30pm to 10pm.
both were LONG DAYS of hard work.
yet completely worth it.

this is what i'll be doing this week.
not taking pictures of myself...but laying in bed.
there might be some productivity but we'll see.
i hope your weekend was a just as great as mine, but maybe more relaxing.

3 little notes:

  1. I hope you take a picture of yourself every day while you lay in bed. :) Enjoy relaxing!!

  2. Need any Chips Ahoy?

  3. haha. i don't know if people would really appreciate that as much as you would! ;) and i will. relax with me!