smooth as a baby's bottom

weird title, right? but that's how my face feels right now. after typing that, that sounds weird. maybe blogging when i'm tired isn't the best idea. oh well, here goes nothing.

my birthday was three months ago today and i was finally able to make time for my sister's present. i don't think i've ever mentioned her on here before, which is sad since she is my sister. and maybe i'll stop referring to her as 'my sister' since she does have a name... which is go-eun [she likes to go by daisy since it's easier to say but i'll just call her go-eun since i can say it]. ANYWAY, go-eun always picks out the most thoughtful gifts. not only are they thoughtful but they're gifts that i would never go out and buy for myself because i just wouldn't ever think to. so for my birthday that was three months ago, she bought me a microdermabrasion session. doesn't that sound freaky? i was freaked out and was seriously thinking about bailing out on the whole thing, especially since jake's sister had once received a chemical peel and remained out of the public eye for a day. i'm glad i didn't though because after running around paying bills all morning, microdermabrasion was preetttyyy nice.

i walked into the JMISKO office [where go-eun/daisy had scheduled the appointment], filled out a few forms, and was shown into a dimly lit room. this room was awesome. there was a robe for me to wear, a comfy bed to lay in, the sound of waves, and that relaxing music you might hear in a yoga session. before the microdermabrasion began i was informed that my skin would NOT react poorly, thank goodness. so my nerves were calmed and then my face was. she washed my face and then put lotion on it, or something...i may have been half asleep. the actual microdermabrasion part just felt like a little suction on my face, no big deal. but face is as smooth as a baby's bottom.

as i was leaving i asked about body wraps, have any of you heard of that? apparently you can lose an inch off your waist after getting it done. turns out they don't offer that service but they do have this thing called the slimdome. i think i might actually try it out. you can burn 600 calories in 40 minutes by just laying there. my kind of deal since working out never really gives me any results...or so i think. check it out here.

that's all i got for you tonight. hopefully reading this wasn't too painful!

one more thing, are baby bottoms really that smooth?

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