my cup runneth over

this week has been an amazing. 

i found myself stressing out in the beginning of the week, unsure of what this summer would bring but ultimately i realized that no matter what happens i can be comforted by the thought that God is in control. 

i'm truly living a blessed life as i graciously celebrated my 22nd birthday, with those who shed so much love on me, this past friday. jake and his roommates allowed me to decorate their place a little, adding a touch of femininity, before having people over to grill out and attempt to play games. {i also lit this awesome candle from bath and body works called blackberry grapefruit. it smells delicious.} we started about 5 games and didn't finish one ... there's a reason for the limit on the number of players. once you surpass 6-8 people, it's hard to concentrate. {especially when you (or i) have a short attention span as it is. whoops.} however, each game had it's great moments. like michael putting red lipstick on during quelf. pretty sure everyone pulled out their phones to take pictures. 

thank you to everyone who helped me ring in my 22nd year of life. i'm just thankful to have spent it in your company. :)


2 little notes:

  1. beautiful photo and wonderful post :)

  2. thankkkks! so glad you're in the blogging world now, it's about time! :)