succulents for mom

sadly, i'm not a big mother's day person. maybe someday when i'm a mom i'll appreciate it a little more but being an only child, holidays aren't that big of a deal. this year i decided to do something that my mom would appreciate and could enjoy for more than just a day. fortunately, shopruche came out with their spring diy guide and i went with it. somehow i got jake to help me with this fun, easy, little project too. so we made three little succulent egg planters, for my mom, his mom, and his sister. :)

  1. i got my egg shells and my succulents ready and planted my succulents into the eggshells. ideally you'd have smaller succulents ... but i was out of luck.
  2. tie together three twigs into a triangle shape with floss. we didn't tie our floss off but we wrapped it as many times as we could before leaving it.
  3. place your egg planter onto the twigs! it shouldn't have any problem standing on its own.
  4. our final product. 
this project was super easy ... really it only took 10 minutes total. i think it has a nice sentiment to it as well. :) hope you mothers had a great mother's day! 


p.s.- i'm trying to revamp the blog so be prepared to see some weirdness. i'm new to this whole html/css language!

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  1. i'm sure your mama loved it! your blog looks fantastic!