pictures from last weekend, when we had nothing better to do. 
or we did and we just didn't do them.

1 & 2 - spelling our names during slow shutter.
3 - view from the roof. you can see our phallic capital and twinkling stars.
4 - figuring out how to get down....

you're in luck.
BONUS PICTURE: jake hurting himself jumping off the roof. priceless.
(is it bad that i laugh at this? i think it's just his facial expression...)

good thing travis didn't take a picture of me trying to get down. pretty sure that would have been even more amusing as it involved me freaking out about standing on jake's shoulders.
confession: i'm afraid of heights. 
probably because i'm always pretty close to the ground being only 5'1".

hoping to post some pictures from prairie hill next week.
jake and his friends are competing in the warrior dash tomorrow. it should be entertaining.
maybe i'll get to capture pictures like the one above? 

hope you all have a great weekend!

4 little notes:

  1. ahh the ones of you writing your names are AWESOME, i've been wanting to do that, it looks sooo cool!! :)

  2. it was a lot of fun! kind of tricky at first writing backwards...and in cursive. haha. you should definitely try it!

  3. sounds like such a fun weekend! confession, i've always tried to recreate images like those first two but have hundreds of epic fails. so sad! ha
    xo TJ

  4. ha! i had plenty of failed attempts which i didn't post. this was the one shot that looked good out of all of them! that tells ya something. ;)