warrior dash

1. random guy after running
2. some of the crazy outfits seen that day
3. jake and travis after running
4. i made it back just in time to take a picture
5. handsome guy that i date

what a whirlwind of a weekend! it seems as if most of it was sucked up by this thing called warrior dash. apparently 20,000 people signed up to run a 5k obstacle course. including jake and a few of his friends. had i known that i was going to get just as dirty standing and waiting and walking, i would have signed up to run!

oh, remember how i thought i was going to be able to take fun pictures of jake falling and making weird faces? i failed...miserably. before he and his friends ran the course they told me that the best times were around 50 minutes. me with my wonderful time management skills thought to myself, "they are definitely not finishing in 50 minutes. maybe in 90 minutes." so i trekked back to the car thinking i had loads of time. stopped by the gas station to fill the car up with gas. picked up some electrolyte filled beverages for the exhausted competitors. parked the car closer to the entrance. and on my way back i get a phone call saying that jake is waiting for me. way to go me. i missed everything. at least i was able to capture a few pictures, right? just not as great of pictures as i thought i was going to capture. i am proud of them for finishing the course in 50-some minutes. obviously was not expecting that. pretty impressed, guys. :)

next challenge? mud factor.


5 little notes:

  1. Seriously impressive. Love your blog, girl!

  2. i know, right? and thanks, i'm a fan of yours as well! :)

  3. Way to go, Jake! Your blog is looking good :)

  4. ahahaaa this is soo funny!