music camp.

this summer, i've been blessed to be able to come to this magical place called greenwood. it is a peaceful place where kids 13-18 can focus on creating some beautiful chamber music, outside of their regular routines. (for those of you unacquainted with classical music, chamber music is essentially small ensembles like trios and quartets) greenwood sits on an 80 acre estate surrounded by forrest. it is such a quaint place with a main house and plenty of little cabins surrounding the area; equipped with a pool, tennis courts, and a tree swing. i'm so jealous of all the kids who have been able to come here the past 70+ years. a place where music, and maybe finding a summer fling, is the center of the world. it really is amazing. despite their ages, the music that comes out of the new barn on saturday nights is at a level far greater than i've heard at collegiate levels. welcome to greenwood!

2 little notes:

  1. yay!! I get to see you tonight!
    and yes, music and summer flings.. essential ingredients at greenwood. haha

  2. these shots are absolutely beautiful! it certainly does look magical!
    xo TJ