new york city, part iv



on our third day in new york, meredith and i took her two cousins out to manhattan. despite living in new york, they rarely go to manhattan. we ate at the famous madison park shake shack, which is delicious, and hung around fifth avenue for the greater part of the day. that evening we ventured to brooklyn where i got to meet some more of meredith's family members. what a treat it was to be able to meet them! they seriously had me laughing consistently...even if they did say that i looked like a guidance counselor (what?!).

our fourth and final day was by far the longest. we ate brunch at landmarc which is right across from central park. the food was amazing and the view was even better. (thank you stefanie for the recommendation!) we moseyed around soho where i got an incredible amount of blisters and had to buy mocassins to soothe my feet. stopped at the strand bookstore where we had a little bit of fun taking pictures. what an incredible bookstore! i could have spent hours there.

for dinner we ate at a restaurant called amaranth with one of my dad's friends named lucia. it was such a pleasure to be able to meet someone who i've always heard so much about. the food was also some of the best i've ever had. so delicious. if you're not on a budget, go there. afterwards, meredith and i managed somehow to get to little italy where she stopped into a little dessert bar to pick up a brownie. after getting her dose of sweets, we decided it was time to go home, it was about 11pm. getting back to long island turned out to be a difficult task this final night. we boarded the f train and were harassed for 10 stops by 5 columbian men. on the 11th stop things got a little crazy. the train was set to go but stopped abruptly. we were stationed for 10-15 minutes before people started to get off the train and start questioning what had happened. apparently someone had fallen onto the tracks. we were informed to go back one stop and the trains should be set to go. well that person was wrong.... we ended up having to take a bus somewhere and then walking 5+ blocks to get to another train station. at this point i was just ducking underneath the turnstiles because my metrocard was empty. i felt pretty rebellious. ;) we did all of this with the help of ronnie (last picture, guy with the peace sign). so thankful that we had him because we walked through some sketchy parts of town. we finally made it back to hillside ave. and took a taxi home. it was quite a last night. i loved my time in nyc and i plan on going back, hopefully next time i'll see the highline at sunset, go to the many art museums, see more hot spots! i love that there was always something going on, the polar opposite of nebraska.

lots of reading today, sorry! :)
next stop greenwood.


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