new york city, part i

the trip to NYC was quite lengthy. a typical 5 hour airplane ride turned to an all-day affair. meredith, her mom lisa, and i, left lincoln at 8 AM and did a three hour road trip to kansas city. our plane was supposed to leave at 1:30 PM. the plane was 15 minutes late and we were quite terrified with our short 30 minute connection. then, of course, a suitcase falls on an elderly gentleman's head. though he was ok and did not want any treatment, the paramedics had to come.... which took an extra 30 minutes. obviously, we missed our flight but were generously rebooked on another flight an hour later. which eventually turned into two hours later. we got into nyc at around midnight. poor aunt pat stayed up extra late to pick us up from the airport. so thankful to her and her daughters for allowing me to temporarily invade their home. hopefully we'll be able to meet again! more adventure stories to come...


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