new york city, part ii

our first full day in nyc.
i loved it.
we ate noodles at a place called momofuku in some part of manhattan. i'm not sure what part we were in half of the time. i knew we took the F train then the green 4, 5, 6, train most days. honestly, we spent a majority of time on foot, which explains the ridiculous amount of blisters on my feet, all of which i painfully acquired on our final day day in nyc. we got tricked in to riding rickshaws and ended up having to pay $30, even though we were promised a free ride. clearly, we're not from this city. we needed a break, actually several, after a long day of walking so we stopped into some parks. madison square park, which was the center of a large rally taking place (lots of people and plenty of nypd. i secretly hoped to see some of the cast from law and order svu), and bryant park. we walked until we ended up in times square. never have i been in an outdoor place so brightly lit. you would think it was daytime even though it was 10pm. this was our last stop for the day. the train and bus ride back to aunt pat's on long island took 2 hours that first night. one of the shorter trips as we would soon find out. 


2 little notes:

  1. The new camera is amazing. Fantastic photos, my dear!

  2. oh gosh, this whole adventure seems absolutely incredible! i've always wanted to go to NYC. beautiful images, girl!
    xo TJ