real life.

it's good to be home but reality is starting to sink in. my suitcase is still sitting in my room filled with clothes. bills are waiting to be paid. the dogs need to be fed. these are things i can't escape from. it's back to doing my own laundry, back to teaching, back to being responsible...*sigh* and to boot, meredith is moving all the way across the country on friday. 

this is real life, folks. 

don't get me wrong, i don't think it's all bad. laundry can be fun. bills teaching will be great. and now i have a reason to visit new york every few months! i have a dinner date tonight with ma bestie to commemorate our time these past 10 years together. i'm expecting lots of tears...from me. the change is good though. meredith will have so many more opportunities in new york than she'll ever have here and i'm so excited for that city to show her some serious love. 

a change closer to my home is jake! he's moving two minutes away...literally. we timed it. TWO MINUTES. he and his roommates are spending some time fixing it up before moving in at the end of this week. two moves all in one week. one love is moving across the country and the other practically next door. life is crazy sometimes. i kinda like it that way though, keeps me on my toes.


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