chicken tikka korma with a side of extra spice

that's what my life has been filled with this week.
chicken tikka this and chicken tikka that.

for numerous reasons, mostly being gone this summer, teaching at the studio has kind of slowed down for me. and if i'm being honest, i'm ok with that. at first i was upset but God works in a number of different ways and i'm pretty sure He knew that i needed a little break from teaching. 

in order to make up for my lack of income, i picked up a job at a local restaurant called The Oven.
when i applied for the job i really wasn't expecting to get it. my whole resume is filled with all violin related activities and never before have i served food. the owner took a leap of faith in hiring me and i'm really hoping i don't let him down.

 week one of training at the restaurant is now complete and i'm feeling much better about it than i did at the beginning of the week... i still don't really quite understand the difference between a masala sauce and a makhani sauce, but i'm sure i'll have it down by the end of week two. ;) 


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