moments before....

not long before going to colorado i had bought a new lens for my camera.
i was so excited about it, i could not stop taking pictures. 
and how lucky that i now have something to look back on knowing that these were taken just moments before one little question would change the rest of my life. 
(and how lucky for jake that i was too busy with the lens to see the big box in his back pocket that contained my ring!)

we've started the planning and have settled the date.
don't think i'm too crazy when i say that 6 months from now i will be mrs. jake jensen.
march 9, 2013
*squeals of joy*


2 little notes:

  1. wow! pretty photos!
    nice blog <33

  2. I love that you have these precious moments captured right before he popped the question. How beautiful! And this location is stunning!
    xo TJ