i'm yours and that's it. forever.

jake and i celebrated two years of dating yesterday.
(but we dated unofficially for a year before)
and now we have something new to celebrate.
we're engaged!

he proposed at sunset on sapphire point in dillon, colorado.
though it wasn't how he had originally planned, it couldn't have been any more perfect.
just the two of us. on top of a little mountain. overlooking an incredible view.

it is still pretty surreal to me.

i feel like i might wake up and it will all be a dream. 
which might be why i can't sleep... ;)

we are so incredibly blessed to have family and friends that support us and who have been praying for us as we reach this point. if you could please continue to pray for us as we transition to a new and exciting stage in our lives, we would greatly appreciate it. we are looking forward to seeing how God chooses to use our marriage to glorify Him. 

now for a few photos

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