more ramblings from an inexperienced wedding planner

hey all,
i'm so sorry for being absent from the blog for...almost a month?! it's been busy over here. between working, planning a wedding, and getting ready for my sister's wedding the last thing i think of doing is blogging. and i know the last thing you want to hear about is what flowers i'm going to have for my wedding, am i right? i mean, i don't even want to hear about that! but here it goes anyway. not the flowers. but the ramblings...again

1.) why are weddings so expensive?
i mean, if i were throwing a birthday party and told all the vendors it was just going to be for a birthday party...everything would be half the cost. seriously. i did not know a cake could cost 400 bones. did you? 400 big ones with nothing too fancy about it... no fondant or anything. what the what?

2.) making people happy has never been more difficult. 
the beginning planning stages was such a struggle. everyone involved had different ideas of how things should be and boy, for some reason it was a doozy to figure it all out. people say weddings are supposed to be about you and whatever makes you happy but if the people you care about aren't happy then how can you be? you know? thankfully, we love each other and everything is sorted out. all downhill from here.

3.) i love details. now that we're past the big things like the date/time, the venue, the dress, and the invites.... we can get to the good stuff. all the cute little details that i can add to make my day feel oh so special. yay! my little heart can barely contain the excitement.

5.) i love jake jensen more. 
the guy asked me to marry him and he has been my stronghold through this whole planning process. so thankful for him. god is too good to me.

my lovely sister is getting married in hawaii. i spent a year in hawaii when i was younger since my dad was in the coast guard. oh man am i excited to go back. and to take jake with us! i'm ready for all things delicious. poke, hurricane popcorn, hawaiian ice. please. yes, please. not to mention seeing those waves and beautiful sandy beaches. plans to snorkel, drive around the island, and maybe even hit up a luau have been made. once you call hawaii your home, it will always be your home.

the end. if you made it all the way through.. major props to you. :)

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