wedding ramblings: date v. venue

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it's crazy how you think you've come to a conclusion, and then people use real common sense to completely crash it. like me... thinking i had made a final decision on an outdoor wedding/barn reception in march. great idea! and then jake comes along and says, "hey hannah, we live in nebraska and average temperatures in march are about 20 degrees. maybe an outdoor wedding isn't such a good idea." get. outta. here.

so with this sound logic, we found ourselves at a crossroad. either stick with the march 9th date and have an indoor wedding or push the date back and have a wonderful outdoor wedding.

i'm here to tell you that i think i've made up my mind, keyword being think.
not only is the timing perfect for march 9 (a designated week off of work following the wedding and my best friend is able to make the trip back to the midwest from the big apple on her spring break) it is also soon enough. marriage is something jake and i have talked about for a while. it's something that i've prayed about since we first started dating. putting it off for another month or two just seems pointless to me. as for the venue, maybe that barn reception can't happen.... but another kind can. and that's fine. it'll work. i'll make it. because at the end of that day the only thing that will matter is that i'll be married to a man that i love more than anything on this earth. nothing beats that. definitely not a barn.
so rather than saying "i think", i have made up my mind. still sending out those save the dates, people, because i've got me a groom and we need to get hitched. :)


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3 little notes:

  1. David kept reminding me, it doesn't matter what the day looks like, at the end of it... we're married. & that's the goal! Also I love your blog banners! How do you do that??

  2. yeah. i have the goal but it's getting there that's the problem. ;)
    i made my blog banners in photoshop!

  3. That location is gorgeous!

    xo Jennifer