charlie girl.

I introduced Charlie in my last post but here's how we came to acquire her.

Jake and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while and were stuck between a Boston Terrier and an English bulldog. We decided to wait a few months after we were married so that we could save up some money, especially if we were going to be adopting an English Bulldog, but always found ourselves looking at different breeders online. You might say we were obsessed. I fell in love with these bully puppies coming from a breeder in Frankfort, Kansas called Puppies Playhouse. Jake and I loved that fact that the breeder was a vet and was very familiar with the breed. We were pretty much set on their puppies for the future.

It was our last day in Oklahoma and Jake got a crazy idea, like he normally does, to call up Puppies Playhouse to see some of their available puppies. We called early in the morning... no answer. Okay, we'll just call back later. We called about 5 times throughout the day and no one ever answered. When we were about 3 hours away from Lincoln and 30 minutes away from the turn off to Frankfort, we decided to call one last time. We weren't expecting anyone to answer since no one had gotten back to us all day but to our surprise, and especially Jake's, Terri did. We were now on our way to Frankfort and Jake began preparing me telling me not to get attached and that we probably won't be going home with a puppy today. {How can you ask me not to get attached to an animal. You'd think he'd know me better than that.} We got to their vet clinic and saw the most adorable puppies you can imagine. Next thing you know, Jake is throwing out an offer on Charlie and we're riding home with a little bully in our lap. That's how we got our little girl.

So far we've loved every minute of it, even the nights of interrupted sleep. She's a stubborn pup with a mind of her own who loves chewing on pretty much everything, as you can see. We're so excited to have her join our journey. We're anticipating some fun times ahead and when the going gets tough, at least we'll have a good snuggler to cuddle up to.


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