new tradition: haircuts in the kitchen.

a thing that thrills me? when my post title rhymes AND i can make a haiku out of it.

a new tradition
lil haircuts in the kitchen
a new 'do for you.

i watched a few videos on youtube and am now a skilled barber. {youtube is amazing, isn't it?}
after my lengthy education of, oh, about 12 minutes, i embarked on giving my first haircut in my salon located in, you guessed it, the kitchen. i think my first client was a little worried at first but he got shorter hair like he wanted. it may have helped that his hair is wavy and you can't really tell if there's a chunk missing from it... next time i'm going for something a little more daring.

if you're wondering about the dishwashing glove, my hand started hurting from holding the scissors. 
also, that picture isn't technically the final product; there was about 30 minutes of haircutting afterward. 


3 little notes:

  1. I was wondering about the dish glove... I like it. You should cut Brittany's hair next!

  2. Send her over! I appreciate getting paid in Ben & Jerry's. ;)

  3. Bianca O'ReillyApril 12, 2013 at 3:52 AM

    I love this! all our haircuts get done in the kitchen you did a fantastic job you tube taught you well