don't visit nebraska for the beach

this is not what the beach looked like... at all.

in my last post i briefly mentioned my excitement to head out to the beach. well my excitement ended as soon as we pulled up, where it was then replaced with deep disappointment. the place had sand and water, but there were only three people there, us! i didn't even consider pulling out the camera to take a few shots because it would have been depressing to even look at; the afore said water was sketchy with green algae stuff floating around in it, worse than a typical lake. we stayed for maybe an hour watching fish jump out of the water pretty consistently, getting covered in sand which we couldn't wash off in the lake, and remaining stationary because the sand was too hot to even walk on. now i wish i would have taken pictures just so you all wouldn't think i was over exaggerating! i assure you i am not. after leaving the beach, meredith mentioned mahoney park and we took the idea and ran with it.

mahoney was only a 10 minute drive from where we already were and after building it up for tim, who has never been there, we were all excited once again. it's always great when a trip isn't wasted on something lousy. the day did a complete 180 at that point and we had a great time. if you've never been to mahoney state park, they have a relatively amazing swim park with a wave pool, a few good slides, and a whole kiddie pool. we were primarily in the wave pool. i say relatively because it's the best place near the proximity of lincoln and if you live in a bigger city, or state, then i'm sure there are parks that surpass mahoney. we left the park happy and bronze. a great day in all.

meredith left on sunday to go to killington music festival for SIX weeks. i'm going to miss her! i'm looking forward to our trip to montana in august!

after the farmer's market
tim also leaves in two weeks! 

whats on the plate for this week?

  • jazz in june tomorrow with friends
  • grill out at jake's sister's on wednesday
  • babysitting cute little ali on thursday night
  • CUBS GAME in kc on friday
what are you all up to this week? anything exciting?

1 little notes:

  1. You forgot to put on your list Karaoke at Ramos! =)