howlin' for you.

early this week we took my sweet pup, who's not really a pup anymore, to the vet to get checked out. lucy is a boston terrier and is, in human years, 13 years old. she's gotten kinda lazy over the past few years and may have gained a couple of pounds ... 40 pounds for a boston terrier is kind of heavy, no? she's been experiencing some health problems lately and it makes me so sad realizing that i might not have that much time left with her. lucy is more than just a dog to me. she was my birthday gift when i was 9 and always reconnects me to adolescence. having no siblings, she filled that void. she was my confidant when i had no one else, always faithfully by my side and sharing in whatever secrets i may have had. expecting the worst, we got good news from the vet and she might have a few more years left! hooray! as she ages and the risk of losing her gets even greater, i'm comforted in knowing that i now have someone else to fill that void. {i think she's holding on to make sure this guy sticks around, what a friend.}

did you have a pet that you had a hard time saying goodbye to?


i've been slightly addicted to the black keys lately. how fitting that one of their song titles can relate to this doggy post. :)

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