saving pennies.

if you've been a constant reader, or have looked around on the blog, you probably read that i will be headed to Cummington, Massachusetts at the end of June to be a babysitter/counselor + student at a camp called Greenwood Music Camp. i'll be spending 5 full weeks in Cummington preceded by a trip to New York with my best friend over at The Sweet Tamarind and concluding the summer with a small tour of the coast (Boston, NYC, Philly, D.C.) with jake. as excited as i am to fix the poor technique i've picked up over the years, i'm especially excited about traveling to all these new places. the northeast coast is completely foreign to me. i can't say that about most places as i have lived in some of the most exotic places in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii, but i have never traveled to the northeast coast. for some reason, my dad was always wary of taking family trips there. last night, jake was crunching some numbers and the total cost of the trip will be around $1600.


goodbye summer shopping. hello clothes from last season. ;)
it really shouldn't be all that bad, but watching the amount of money i spend has never been a strong suit of mine. i guess now's the best time to start though. so in anticipation of this change, i celebrated with a shopping trip (ironic?) to my local thrift stores and hit up a few garage sales. bought some things i don't really need. you know. in total, i spent just $20. not too bad, right? (...excluding the Bath & Body Works and Victoria's Secret purchases...*sigh*)

any tips to save money? i know i've just got to buckle down and do it...but tips would still be helpful!


4 little notes:

  1.! Free service that keeps track of all of your bank accounts and income and expenditures and lets you set budgets and goals all with purdy graphs that update live and tell you where all of your problems are if you didn't already know... I'm a fan. Especially those purdy graphs.

  2. haha... funny enough, i have an account. i just don't like seeing my net worth, because apparently i'm not worth much! ;)

  3. lemonade stand?

  4. It just doesn't know the whole story! Under your accounts add "Pint-sized Violinist" and your net worth will go off the charts.