i cheated death

or that's what my medal says, anyway. 

this weekend i ran the mud factor 5k with jake. you may remember the last time jake ran a 5k here. however, this was my first mud running experience! through this i learned that jake and i aren't really the best planners. we didn't really plan on being "in shape" for the 5k. we didn't really plan to get there on time to check in. we didn't really plan on having to pay to check our stuff in...or have a bag to put our stuff in to check in. and we didn't really plan what time we were going to run either. so yeah, not the best planners. we ended up making our own phase between the 9 am and the 9:30. which actually wasn't the best idea because we had to wait for all the slow people from the 9 am phase to go through all the obstacles. that's ok though, i got to hold jake's hand as we stomped through mud. :) and i got a medal! can't beat that.

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