early riser

early yesterday morning, and i mean early... like 4 am early...
jake and i dropped my parents off at the airport an hour away. they'll be gone for a little while exploring in asia. my dad has this romance with china. it's always been a place that he loves. from the food, to the people, and even the language. he really loves that place. i'm so happy that he gets to go back after 22+ years. anndddd they also get to go hang out in korea, where my mom is from, and visit some relatives that we hardly ever see... i guess the only time we ever see them is when we go to korea, which isn't very often. basically, they're going back home.

one benefit of waking up so stinking early was getting to see a beautiful sunrise. not being one who wakes up easily at 6 in the morning, the sunrise was a nice little exchange.

1 little notes:

  1. Glad they got off OK and have arrived safe and sound. I am sure they appreciated your's and Jake's sacrifice. Your Dad's Chinese will really pay off. You get to be the chief cook and bottle-washer and dog comforter for a while.
    Love you,