i'm almost certain it's something that is inherited.
my mom is a pretty forgetful person.... and i think i got it from her.
jake and i had every intention of going out and shooting with my new lens and of course the day we're finally able to i leave the memory card in my laptop. way to go hannah. way. to. go.

that's ok though.
that's what iphones are for right?
have i ever told you all that i love him?
he does silly things like waiting for iphone timers to go off with me.
that's love.


2 little notes:

  1. I can't believe these were taken with your iPhone. How did you set the timer up. Was the phone resting up against something? You two are just the cutest!
    xo TJ

  2. i used camera+ instead of the iphone camera app. and since i had planned on shooting with my dslr, we had brought a tripod along with us. we used some macgyver techniques to get the iphone to stay propped up. ;)