i can't believe it's already march. this year has already brought trials and so many blessings. let's play catch up.

j a n u a r y
// traveled to seoul in a moment's notice for my aunt's funeral. it was a very trying time for my family. however, i'm so grateful for that time with family that i haven't seen in close to 20 years. jake is the best for letting me go.
// started driving back to omaha four days a week instead of the two. love seeing those cute little 3 and 4 year old faces again!

f e b r u a r y
// traveled to new york! i was beginning to think i wouldn't meet my 23 before 24 goal. so glad i was able to see my best friend.
// my sleep schedule is finally normal. i've never talked about how sleeping has been an issue for me. i always considered myself a night owl... but now i'm thinking that maybe i'm just an insomniac. there were so many nights where i just could not sleep until 4 am. i'm hoping those days are behind me.
// i auditioned for grad school. what?! yeah. never thought i was going back. and maybe i won't? still waiting to hear the results. if i get a GTA, i'll be going back and definitely giving it my all, i have a greater appreciation for my professors and colleagues now than i did in my undergrad. if not, i can look forward to spending more time with jake and even maybe attend some seminars. we'll see!
// baby chicks are in the house! but only temporarily before it gets warm enough for them to be outdoors in their coop. their names are Dolly, Dottie, and Patsy. if you can figure it out, you must be a country music fan. not that i am, i just thought it was fitting. we've had them for two and half weeks. they were complete fluff to begin with but their feathers are starting to pop out! just look at those cute little tail feathers.

m a r c h
// jake and i will be celebrating our one year anniversary. i can't even believe it's been a year. at six months it felt like we've been married for years. but at a year... it only feels like a few months. funny how that works.
// i've been battling a huge cold this entire week. it progressively got worse as the week went on and yesterday was the pinnacle of this darn cold/flu. this morning i woke up and felt 50% better, minus the stuffy nose and cough. i always forget not to take my health for granted. i'm guessing that's why we get sick, to remind us of how blessed we are.

i'm so looking forward to the warm weather coming up. i've been watching the extended forecast, hopeful that this winter is finally over. you could say that i have spring fever.

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  1. This year is already flying by! I can't believe it's March either! Please Spring, make your grand appearance. I'm sorry about your cold too. I had a chest cold a few weeks back that I feel like I'm still trying to get over. No fun! Feel better soon chica! :)
    xo TJ