it's that time of year again!

what time of year, you ask? the time where i start blogging more! it's a proven thing. just look at my archives. i think it's because winter is FINALLY over and i come out of hibernation. i always thought i was a fan of the winter, and i am, but i think i've come to realize that i like my spring, summer, and fall more.

here's what's going on right now.

i have two weeks off from teaching in omaha and even though i love those kids, i really love just being able to hang out in my garden with my dog and my chickens. plus, jake hung up the hammock we received as a wedding gift and we plan on spending many more evenings out back.

since it's back to the blogging time of year, i already have a few things in store...

like updating my 23 by 24. my birthday was last week so it's time to set some new goals! i was a little late to the game last year, so i'm going to carry some of the things that i didn't quite get to over to the new list. i'm hoping to do a better job of updating it as each goal is accomplished. we shall see.

i do lots of little projects and need to do a better job of documenting them. i hope to share those more on this space.

if you don't already, follow me on instagram! i am there all the stinkin' time. no joke. it's the easiest place for me to share things, especially when i don't have the time to write a full blog post. :)

you'll be hearing more from me soon!

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